Fun at the library

By: Cherry Ke

Today me and my sister went to Hintonburg’s library for some kind of magic show. Or was it a “Cool” magic show? Michel, Michel’s sister, Michel’s brother, and James. It was a cool, funny, exiting, weird, and magical of course. He also did a contest. Kids vs Adults. It ended up being a tie. So he invited someone up. To pick a card. Invited an adult to hold an envelope. In that envelope, their is a picture of a singer. The person who got to go up to pick a card picks a card. If the card says the name of the singer in the photo, the kids win. So you should be able to tell who won. Now I won’t end this blog without saying who won. The kids won. It was a magical, fun, and cool day!


Ray Zahab

Ray Zahab is someone who crossed hot places like deserts,cold places like the south pole,rain forests,and jungles.Before he started running,he smoked a pack a day.Then he decided to do something heathier.
His slogan is “Inposible2possible.”He didn’t go by himself,he went in groups.

Speech contest

By:Cherry Ke

Today is March 1st and me and my sister went to “The Royal Canadian Legion”. I talked about Ray Zahab. Rose talked about Gilmore Gunio and Denny Morrison. I ended up being 3rd, and Rose ended up being 4th or 5th.I only know what primary students win.Here is what you win:


1st place:Medal,a plaque, and $100
2nd:Medal,a plaque, and $50
3rd:Medal,a plaque, and $25

So you should know I won $25.I planned to buy Rainbowloom and Trident layered gum.Do you know how much the Rainbow Loom kit costs?If yes, tell me in a comment. We also said jokes.Answers are a the bottom Here are some:

A blue person lives in a blue house, A green person lives in a green house, and a A black person lives in a black house.Who lives in a white house?

2.A mailman said in a hallway to a door.He said:Boy,is your mom at home?
Mailman:Thats great!
(So he knocked on the door.)
Mailman:Why isn’t your mom answering the door?
Boy:Because my house is next door!

Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Ach who
Bless you!

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1.The president