Vanier Winter Carnaval

By:Cherry Ke

Today we went to 300 Des Peres Blancs Ave.Vanier residents organized a winter carnival on Feb. 15, 2014 with hockey, snowshoeing and other FREE family-friendly activities. Everything was free! We got free pancakes at a sugar shack. I think they built it there to get maple syrup like the indigenous people. I don’t know how they built that but you can google check that and please write it down in a comment. We also went out side to go skating. There was a curling thing to do where you slide the thing but there wasn’t the thing to make a path for the thing to go in the target.



By: Cherry Ke

My Favourite movie is “Frozen”.My favourite character in “Frozen”is Olaf.Because he’s cute and funny.Olaf is a snowman. He is the one who helps princess Anna get out of the castle took over by prince Hans. Prince Hans is a mean prince but in the first place he is nice to princess Anna.That’s why I like Olaf.

My second favourite mouvie is called “ELF. My favourite character is the elf. The story starts when Buddy( The elf’s name) wakes up in a orpanage but his parents didn’t die. Then, Christmas came and Buddy was awake and inside Santa’s bag he saw a teddy bear. So he climed out of his bed and crawled to the bag. Then Santa when back to the North Pole. Then, buddy didn’t come out of the bag. So when Santa came home, Buddy crawled out of the bag and gets adopted by the elfs.

I also like the movie Inside Out. It is a girl named Riley and inside her head, she has these feelings that control her. Then she moves, and inside her head, there are many problems. It is a very funny and touching movie, and it is the best animated film. That’s what they said in the newspapers.


Shenkman Arts Centre

By:Cherry Ke

Pancake breakfast – free for the first 400 people.Then we made our own “scratch” animated film.While we did our “scratch” their was a Bollywood dance show on they show you some simple (very easy ) moves. Their was also hip-hop with Stephanie Hypolite like last year. Last year their was songs like gangnam style . This year there were song like Roar , What does the fox say? and Best song ever.Julia Dales from the TVO Kids show, Beats in Bites came to show and teach us how to beatbox.Damar didn’t come.(Damar is the partner of Julia on TVO kids.)I usually watch TVO kids.On my TV (Bell) it’s the number is “1209.”And then we went to subway to buy our lunch.My mom lost her bag there and thought is was at Shenkman Arts Centre.We looked at Shenkman Arts Centre and didn’t find it.So my dad asked us if mom brought her purse to subway.I said “Maybe”.Rose said “yes”.So we went to subway and guess what!The purse was left in a chair.Luckyly nobody noticed the purse and it was left there.Also we were lucky that everything she put in there was still there.Then we went home.What a tiring day.


Today we went to Confederation Park.We saw ice sculptures and Rose bought Killaloe sunrise.It was with a beaver-tail,a lemon,sugar,and cinnamon.It was yummy.There was also a man that made toys that were invented in the pioneer time.They were fun to play with.Last year,I remembered that WE could do ice sculptures and a man from Ottawa citizens came and put a picture of me with permission of my parents on newspaper.You can still see the photo here.


By:Cherry Ke

Today is the first day of February.So we went to a fun Winterlude.We went to this army thing where you have to do all the obstacles that they prepared for us to do.It was fun!Other things we did.

*Things everybody has to do to survive
*Take pictures

Chinese New Year

By:Cherry Ke

January 31 is always Chinese New Year in 2014.The new year.’Cause today, February 1,when we went to Chinese school there was Chinese New Year party.And a new years party at your chinese school means for me that it is Chinese New Year. You play games and if you win,you get a ticket.And there is this table where you can buy stuff with your tickets.This year,Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days.You get money in a red envelopes for free.This year,my dad gave me a 5 dollar bill.It was special.At chinese school,I won 7 tickets.Igot a ball in the cup witch you have to try getting the ball that is attached to the cup with a stringinside the cup.The ball in a cup costs 6 tickets.So I had 1 more ticket left.So I bought 2 apple stickers.Ifound Emily,Natilie,Roodney,Amanda,Angila,and other friends.It was a fun day!