Gifted Test

Today (Jan 24. 2014) I did the gifted test. We had to use the whole day. It wasn’t hard, so I managed to finish it. The hard part was it was timed, so I didn’t finish one part of a section of the test.


Winter Celebration January 25, 2014 – 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. And royal canadian mint

Today we went to the royal canadian mint to get the horse coin.Then we went to Rideau Hall for a winter carnival.
There was:

skating on the outdoor rink
dog sledding
kick sledding
bandy (a form of field hockey on ice)
horse-drawn wagon rides
residence tours
and much more


By:Cherry Ke

Today we went to Britannia Park to go birding.We called Emily to come and bring binoculars just in case we are going outside to search for birds.And guess what,I was right!We did go outside and go looking for birds. Emily’s binoculars were 3-D.Cool, huh?We found a Merlin, and a raven.Here’s the prof.Go to ebird and see Merlin and the person who found it is called Alex because he was the teacher. We found it at Britannia Park.I’m not so sure if you can find it because I can’t remember everything so…yeah.(You can laugh if you want to.)

Cold Weather Choir

Today me and my sister woke up around 6:00 because we had Cold Weather Choir at school.You have to do the tryouts and its Mr.Hume who choses if you can join Cold Weather Choir.Mr.Hume was the one who put us in groups and he was the one who started Cold Weather Choir.If you ask, what is Cold Weather Choir?The answer is here!Cold Weather Choir is a class where you learn song and you sing them onstage together.This practice,we learned :
Rose Rose Rose
Jonny has gone for a soldiers
And True colors
We only did the first 2 paragraphs of True colors.