Around the city

By: Cherry Ke

Today my class went to City hall, little Italy, and Chinatown.First, we went to City hall. Mark Taylor(the councillor)showed City hall.You can go online on twitter for some photos.

嵌入图像的永久链接Or…….. Go to this page for more pictures.When we left, Mark Taylor gave us a triple highlighter.

Then we went to Chinatown.We got red envelopes from a lady that my teacher planed to meet.First, I thought that it was chocolate but it was a $0,25 in there.We also went to Kyle’s dad’s store that’s located in Chinatown. He sold lots of pretty and fragile things. When we had to go to little Italy, he gave us a bear with a candy canes.

We went to a cake store. It made me feel hungry! We also went upstairs and saw chocolate cakes and a man making a chocolate Santa. It was Cooooooool! After we had to leave. Lily’s mom bought pasta for her lunch because she didn’t pack her lunch in her lunch bag. 












By:Cherry Ke

At school we have Ms Mehovolich as a dance teacher. You don’t need to sign up but I did. She taught us a dance with the song “Cause this is Africa” and the song “Calling all the monsters.” You can listen to these songs on Youtube. On Halloween we did the dance of calling all the monsters. It was lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!