By:Cherry Ke

I think that the best thing to play is a piano.
A piano is bigger than a desk.
There are black and white keys.
There are also 3 pedals for your feet to press on.
There’s calm music, loud music, quiet music, sad music, mad music, and happy music.
Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, and Neefe are five composers I know.
I love playing piano.
It makes me feel I have freedom!


Korean Week

By: Cherry Ke

Today we went to the museum of civilization
because it was Korean week and we wanted to
see the taekwondo show and the Korean traditional dance.
The funniest part was when the best person
on the blue team put the gold ribbon around
his eyes to fight the best person on the red team.
The best person on the red team signed that he will loose.
But the blue team won! When it was finished, we went home.