Swimming Lessons

Now me and my sister are in Swim Kids 7. 🙂 It is actually pretty easy. But, the number of laps you do are 8. That’s basically 18 lengths. My neck always hurts after and we can’t have breaks. Only tiny ones. My teacher’s name is Kyle. When we were in lesson 2, we would call him playgard. Because he always plays and push (for fun) other lifeguards into the water. 🙂 Even another lifeguard  named Karen would join us. She’s a girl. Kyle also cheats, we use dices to see how much minutes or laps were going to do. And if it’s 1, he rolls it another time*. After swimming lessons, there would usually be food to eat. Yesterday’s yesterday was Wednesday from this day I’m writing it. Right? Wednesday was always our swimming lessons. We had bagels with cream cheese under it. It was good. Try it. 🙂