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Par:Cherry Ke

Je suis en 5ème année
J’ai eu les professeur ici

Junior Kindergarden
Mrs Ivany,

Senior Kindergarden
Mrs France,

1 année
Monsieur Patrice,

Grade 2
Monsieur Jerome,

English Teacher
Mrs Sheddy,

2 année
Mrs Kelly,

New teacher
Mrs Martha,

New english teacher
Mrs .V,

New D.P.A teacher
Mrs Ercit,

3 année
Monsieur Millen

English teacher
Mrs. Sheedy

4 année

English teacher
Mrs. Morris

5 année
M. Claveau

English Teacher
Mrs. Ercit

Art and Music teachers
Mrs. Timbers
Mrs. Brunnez

6 année

Mr. Hume

Mr. Charbonneau (A.K.A Mr.Charbie/Mr.Charbs/Mr. Charbon et Eau)

Technovation Hack Day 1

January 14, 2017

At the Carleton University, in the Minto building, we learned how to use App Inventor to create an app. We decided to join their contest with our friend Grace and Alice, and to learn how to build an app, the Technovation decided to have events to learn how to make apps. First, we made an app called Talk to Me. A user can insert text, and the phone that we test the app on will say the text out loud. After we finished that, it was lunch!

We went through a tunnel to get to the Carleton University’s cafeteria. It’s technically a buffet. I ate once slice of pepperoni pizza, some cucumbers and tomatoes with hummas. I also had ice cream, and lemonade. Grace, she used a cone to get frozen yogurt but it came out too fast so she used a bowl to put it in, then licked the ice cream out of the bowl!

After lunch, we had to leave early. 😛

Girls Tier 2 Volleyball Tournament

December 13, 2017

Today, we went to Longfield Middle School for a volleyball tournament. The team consisted of 12 people. Bella, Catherine, Correna, Alyssa, Vi, Molly, Olivia, Emilie, Vanya, Aviva, Rose, and me. Our first game was versus Cedarview. For each team, we would play twice against them. Only in the quarter finals and up, if you win one lose one, then you play a third round. We won the first round, then lost the second one. After we went against Fisher, and we won one lost one. During the lunch break I saw my friends from Broadview, Deniz and Ashlynn. They told me that when they put in a loonie, they got a bag of chips, AND two dollars back. So they bought chips for the whole team, and gave us a bag of Sun chips that were flavored jalapeno and peppers. After was our game, and we had to win in order to go to the quarter finals. It was against Sir Robert Borden, and we won both rounds! So we played MHS, and won both games, but they were really, super, super close. At one point the scorekeeper lost track and the coach on the other side noticed it, so we were debating what the score was. They said either 11 or 20. Our coach said 20, because 11 was very unlikely, but then the other coach yelled at our coach, and she got very mad but we decided our score was 15. Eventually we won!

The finals were very nerve-racking. We went against Fisher again, but we lost both times this time. So we got second place, but we were all very happy!

Rhythmic Gymnastics Gymnastrada 2017

December 3, 2017

Today was the ORGC’s yearly gymnaestrada, where all the gymnasts perform routines, and practice for the competitions to come. This yea, we didn’t have time to make a inter-club routine so we only peformed our group routine, It consists of four people. Me, Rose, Crystal, and Jaqueline. The routine was made by our head coach, Sing, and it’s a ribbon routine. We also performed that routine in the overbrook musical, just without the throws. In the first part of the show, we worked on our routine. During the intermisson, I bought fudge, a donut, and later I bought two bags of chips during the half sale discount. We performed during the second part of the show, and at the end we received roses and took a group photo.

Pirate Escape Room: Captive Kids

December 10, 2017

My sister and I were invited to our new friend Rebecca’s birthday party at Captive Kids. Captive Kids is a place where you are imprisoned in a room and you have clues to try to escape. Our theme was Pirates. Our story was that we snuck into a pirate ship to retrieve some treasure and a map, but we got caught at we were imprisoned into two cells, four in each cell. The ship broke and the pirates escaped and left us in the sinking ship, so we have 60 minutes to escape with the treasure and find the gold key before the ship sinks. There is also a button we can press for unlimited clues. We used that twice. First, we looked around and in our cell we found a treasure chest, but it was locked. So we looked at the bottom of our benches and found letter. I put them into the lock and it opened, and we found one of the 7 maps we had to find. Then on the other side, they had a treasure chest with a clue that said time is key, so we imputed the time on the clock found in the room (6:15) and it opened. Inside was a large spoon with a hook at the end so they passed it to us and we used it to grab the keys on the hook not far from our cell. We escaped, and we had to help them escape. Their lock was a code lock so we looked around for numbers. On their cell was 9, so we found the other similar font number. We found 3 and 5 so they put it into the lock and escaped. Then we had to find the key to the next door, so we looked for clues. We finally found it inside a chest and went to the next room. We eventually found 5 cases but only opened 4 of them and got mixed up of which clue was for which one so we called them in to give us a clue, and we found the key for the other two doors. We found the treasure and the other maps, so we got out. What was funny was that Rose, my sister, randomly guessed a lock and it actually opened! We escaped with 9 minutes left, which was the average. Then we had pizza and ice cream cake!

Volleyball Tournament 2017

November 30th, 2017

After school, we had a friendship volleyball tournament at Glashan. Our team of 12 consisted of Bella (who played competitive volleyball), Aviva, Karina, Olivia, Vania, Emilie, Vi, Catherine (who was sick and didn’t come), Alyssa, Molly, who are all in grade 8, and Rose and me, who are in grade 7. Our coaches, Mrs. Wallis (with a very funny/cute temper) and Mr. Spencer had prepared us for this tournament, but they mostly called it a practice for a real tournament, just “don’t try anything new”. (Just a note that the following games are the pool B teams)

Our first game was against Hopewell, and we won pretty easily. At one point Bella was serving for a long time because the other team wouldn’t get the ball, so that scored us some pretty good points. We would go against each team twice, just to make sure that it wasn’t by luck that the other team won and to make sure that each team gets an extra chance to try and beat the opposite team.

Then it was a 1 hour break, so my sister and I bought a pizza from their canteen. It wasn’t actually pizza. It was pita bread (or something similar) with tomato paste and cheese on top, then thrown into the oven for 2.00 to buy, but it tasted not bad. We also bought chips (BBQ flavoured) and nestea.

Then we went against Sir Robert Borden school. There’s where I saw my old friends Emily and Leila! But we beat them twice too, but it was a little bit harder than Hopewell. After was a longer break, a 2 hour one. We ate more, and then watched the other games. At one point we went to a little corner and talked about our school. The grade 8s talked to us and our teacher Mrs. Wallis about the bad teachers, the funny things, and the crushes. What is really embarrassing is that a boy has a crush on Olivia, and now Mrs. Wallis knows. But Mrs. Wallis already knew, and when we asked her how she knew, she said: “Oh, I was 13 once!” and then she giggled. I really like Mrs. Wallis she’s really nice and funny.

Then came our last game, the real nerve-racking one against Glashan. We won 24-25 but they said we had to win by atleast 2 points, but we still won. The second round we won pretty easily, because of Bella’s serves. So luckily, we won every single game and became first in our pool, but we don’t know if we are first in the whole game.

Overbrook the musical

November 24, 2017

For Overbrook the Musical, my rhythmic gymnastics coach Sing asked us to perform three routines for the musical. Crystal, Jaqueline, Rose and I all agreed. We prepared three routines. Spring, Fall and winter. For spring we did ribbon, for fall we used fans, and for winter we used these things you can turn on your fingers that look like snowflakes. The song was very slow, but we managed to go on beat. At the end they handed out roses and we got some. 🙂


September 16, 2017

To mark the almost one year anniversary of me having braces, they made me get an x-ray as a sort of progress report. Then they took off some of my brackets to move them somewhere else, which would hurt more. They also gave me a rainbow elastic which is you hook the elastic on the bottom hook, then bring it to the top two front teeth, then hook it to the right bottom hook. It looks like a rainbow at least.

Camping Trip

September 7-8, 2017

My mother’s friend invited all her university friends to camp at her barn. It was a countryside type of landscape near Perth. We left at around 3:00 pm and got there at 4:00. There was a guy who had a volleyball so my brother made me and my sister play, and soon my dad also joined. At the end my arms and hands were red, but it didn’t really Then we set up our tent outside and then at 5:00 we started eating. There were people there that served homemade mashed potatoes, jiaozi, turkey, applesauce, and bread.

Then there was a skit thing where they introduced their family in their skit which was very funny. They had another skit where they had this landlord who took every single penny that the people who rented his houses had, but then he was robbed and he didn’t have a single penny. The people to rented his houses later earned more money, and gave some to him, and from then on they lived happy and rich. The last skit was a girl named Dana, and she told a story about her life how at one point she got depressed and started using drugs, but then she stopped later because she knew it was the wrong thing. It was a very depressing skit.

Then after there were skit kits that we could use and perform and written inside was a place, (e.g Graveyard) an object, (e.g Gun) and a problem you have to solve (e.g Zombies). My favourite one was there was a grandma at a family reunion and she was very crazy. She was shaking all the time (that was how they acted it out) and she wasn’t talking properly. One of the people at the reunion had an yellow umbrella and she put it over the grandma’s head, then  she stopped. After the lady took it off, and the grandma continued, so they stuck her hands onto the umbrella and so the grandma changed back to normal. After the skit kits they had a huge campfire, where the children did dangerous things like put huge branches with leaves and take them out. Eventually the adults did stop them. We also found sticks and they gave us marshmallows to roast. Then we went to sleep.

The night was very very hard to sleep through, in fact I didn’t sleep a wink. The wind was rough and the rain annoyed all of us. Eventually I did fall asleep, and luckily I got enough.

In the morning we had toast with butter, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, bacon, and juice.